How To Change Email Subscription Delivery Time For Blogger

December 26, 2020
If you were looking to change your google blogger feedburner email subscription delivery time for blog updates or To send recent / latest / newly published posts into yours followers inbox immediately or after few hours or Want To manage the auto-send email setting to prevent delay of day or several hours in email receiving or to receive posts email updates from your blog in real-time or To solve any other issue related to posts delivery schedule via email. Follow the below given step by step tutorial with images :

Steps: To Change Email Subscription Delivery Time

Step 1. Go to Feedburner, Login with your blogger account > Select your blog.
Step 2. Then navigate to Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Delivery Options.
Step 3. Change the setting and then Click Save.

Some Tips :

  1. Make sure your the time in your Blogger settings is in YOUR time zone. This will throw the delivery timing off if it isn’t.
  2. Make sure when you schedule a blog that is timed BEFORE the scheduled Email Delivery time in Feedburner.
  3. This screen is also where you can DEACTIVATE sending emails from Feedburner all together if you still want to keep your account active but just want to stop email service.
  4. The setting to schedule delivery of new posts to email subscribers does not allow for immediate delivery, but asks you to choose a two hour window. Therefore you can schedule/publish your post few hours before delivery time to deliver it faster.

That's It

Now your subscribers will receive posts updates via email in your scheduled time. For any issues related to above tutorial comment below. Stay Updated, Browse Tech2site ! :)

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